Hide Tanning

I can help preserve your pet’s fur-on hide, whether you would like the entire hide tanned or just a special bit of fur. The hide you get back is soft and pliable, and can be kept as you receive it or sewn into items like pillows or garments. The most important thing to remember if you wish to keep your pet’s coat is that your pet must be either frozen or brought to the shop as quickly as possible after he or she passes. Fur damage can happen quickly, especially during times of warm weather, and results in “slippage,” which can cause bald spots in the coat or make it impossible to tan.

I do everything I can to take excellent care of your pet’s coat, but there are a lot of factors that can effect the hide quality that are out of our control. Most of the pets I work with were elderly or in poor health, and their skin and fur may not be in the best shape. Pets that pass away due to trauma may have more damage to the hide than I can work with. I will always try my best, but want to make sure you understand that I can’t guarantee any particular result.

Can I have an item made out of my pet’s coat?

Once your pet’s fur-on hide has been tanned, it has the potential to be cut and sewn into special memorial items for you. I’m happy to create basic items like pillows for you out of your pet’s fur. Ideally we would meet to look at the hide together so you can pick exactly what part of the fur you’d like to use, although online consultations are an option for customers who aren’t local. It’s important to remember that most pets, like dogs and cats, have pretty thin skin, so sewn items should be handled gently. If for any reason I don’t believe a hide is suitable for altering, I will let you know.

What happens to my pet’s body if I only want the hide?

If you only want your pet’s tanned coat returned, I am happy to arrange for cremation of your pet’s body. I would not put you in the position of having to see your pet after the hide has been removed. Communal / group cremation is complimentary with most of my services, or a private cremation can be arranged for an additional fee so you can have your pet’s ashes returned.

How do I prepare my pet’s body for hide tanning?

All you need to do after your pet passes is to arrange to freeze the body or arrange to bring him or her to my shop as quickly as you can to prevent damage from happening to the hide. While washing your pet’s fur may be a meaningful way to say goodbye, it is not necessary to do so. Your pet’s coat with come home to you clean. Think about whether you’d like your pet’s entire hide, just a small part to keep, or if you have any special requests. Hides can always be shaped and cut so it’s better to err on the side of too much than too little.