Freeze Drying

Available soon!

Freeze drying isn’t available quite yet, as I’m still testing out the process before I make it available for pets. Keep an eye on social media for an announcement, or send me an email if you’d like me to get in touch with you when this option is available.

What is freeze drying?

Traditional taxidermy recreates your pet’s body shape with a custom made form, which is then covered by the tanned hide. Freeze drying is an alternative to this process, where your pet’s natural form is preserved, including the muscle and bone. This happens in freezing temperatures under vacuum pressure. The result is much like traditional taxidermy, but can be more reliably lifelike since your pet’s actual body is preserved.

Freeze drying is limited to smaller animals like pocket pets, reptiles, cats and small dogs. Larger pets won’t fit in my machine, and may be too large for any freeze dry machine to reasonably accommodate. However, the process can be used to preserve parts of larger pets, like paws and tails.

Can I save my pet until you’re ready?

If you wish to have your pet freeze dried but they pass away before I’ve started making this service available, you can absolutely hold on to your pet’s frozen body until we can make arrangements together. Please keep your pet wrapped in plastic (a bag or plastic wrap works) with as little air contact as possible to avoid damage from freezer burn. I expect to be welcoming families to use this process by the beginning of 2021.